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A little about the faces behind Wise Heart Whippets:

2018....My name is Elizabeth, I am part of an amazing family of 7. My  husband Jason and I have five children. (Jase 16, Cristian 14, Seriah 12, Rebekah 10, and Elizah 7). My husband and I run  our flooring installation business, and I resigned from my Gainesville job at a Financial Firm.  We have a few four legged family members and are honored to have found wonderful friends and mentor-ships over the past 14 years through this magnificent breed.  Besides, I mean, whats a household without every single family member having a whippet on their bed, keeping us warm at night. I know we wouldn't have it any other way. 


We reside primary  in Ocala, Florida most of the year on a three acre farm. My husband and I didn't always  know about the wonderful breed of Whippets.  We did much research on many, many breeds and decided over 14 years ago on adding our first Whippet to our family. We are blessed to have found the Whippet breed. Whippets have brought so much extra giggles, fun and excitement to our home, they are our family.  


For us, Whippets are like that chip saying..."you can not just stop at one! " Their love, affection and true intellectual emotional adoration for us, as well as we have for them, has made it difficult not to be over the moon about the breed.

 With finding this spectacular breed, we have acquired friendships with  amazing, wonderful people and have truly enjoyed the world of sporting and showing our Whippets. We do try to make appearances and participate in Conformation and Lure Coursing AKC/UKC events and are working towards titles locally when we can and will always continue to do so. Giving back to this wonderful  breed is such a fulfilling and rewarding  feeling when they excel in what they love to do, but most important snuggling up with our best friends are the the real joy.

We adore this family friendly breed. Please take a few minutes to read about Whippets on our "INFO" tab. We encourage you all to embark on this journey with the Wise Heart family and check in from time to time  by liking our Facebook page Wise-Heart Whippets. You can  also get directly to our page by clicking on the Facebook banner on the home page.

Happy Whippet snuggles every Whippetier!

The Wise Heart Two legged and Four legged Family!!!

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