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      Looking for a Whippet Puppy         Puppies Available ...5/2024!  

 Text/Call if you want to inquire about one of our puppies, or to get on the waiting list for a future litter.

          352 566-0324.

      You can also submit a      "subscribe to" form if you  would like to be contacted.  







Some Important Information for Families:


  All of Wise Heart Whippets puppies require a Spay/Neuter Contract to be signed by the new families. We charge the same price for show or pet, male or female, and color in the same regard is immaterial.

  We require ALL prospective owners to complete an extensive application which is done over the phone with me. I like to get to know each and every one of the families I home my puppies with. Keep in mind it will be expected you keep in touch with Wise Heart Whippets, as we look forward to updates on our fur babies raised here. Once we have had our interview and you’re approved and interested in going forward, we suggest a $500 (non refundable) deposit that will go toward the final price of your puppy.

  A deposit does not guarantee you a puppy from a soon to be


due litter, but puts you in line for puppies as they are available.


If a puppy is not chosen from the requested litter, your deposit


can and will be applied to a future litter.

  For the Families getting from the available litter: We will not promise specific puppies until they are 7-8 weeks old. At that time, we will begin discussions as to which puppies will fit best for your family based on your schedule, lifestyle activity and other four legged companion in the home to preferences and the personalities of the puppies. This is when families come to meet and greet the litter that would have been receiving photos and videos of as they grow. 

Again, all puppies are sold on an AKC limited registration basis and are required to be spayed or neutered, pet males may have one or more retained testicles. 

   While a deposit isn’t required, we typically sell out of puppies before they are born so we suggest an early deposit to get your place in line on my waiting list.

Please find the Selecting a breeder on my INFO tab to ensure you are looking thoroughly at breeders. Not all breeders have the same philosophy on what is considered ethical breeding practices. Be sure to ASK your Prospective Breeder. 


Once a litter is born, breeding prospects are chosen first with breeders from sired males.

Previous buyers have automatic priority.

We can provide references of previous puppy buyers as well as documentation of all appropriate OFA health testing performed on our breeding whippets to the new families (OFA Echocardiogram, BAER, CAER).

To schedule a phone consult to possibly get on the list for A planned litter CALL OR TEXT

352 566-0324.

***Answers to Frequently asked Questions:***

Yes, we may choose to do in home visits before considering a


family, and even after the puppy has been placed we may



want to do another in home visit, or even FaceTime call.

ALL of Wise Heart Whippets are AKC registered and some are also both AKC and UKC registered. Any litter whelped here at Wise Heart Whippets will be AKC registered after the litter is born on a limited AKC Registration.

*A contract will be signed for a spay/neuter requirement. Spay/Neuter of puppy and proof is required before ANY forms are released to companion homes. 
-Three generation Pedigree (AKC) on parents.
-OFA Health Certificates on Sire and Dam (Heart, CAER (Eye), BAER(Hearing)

-AKC registered Certificates of Sire and Dam.

-Also UKC registration Certificates 

-All UKC/AKC show/performance Certificates.

-A FL Health Certificate provided (one for their puppy(ies)-(Required by FL law).
-AKC Registration form for their puppy (after proof of spay/neuter)

All puppies have their nails trimmed weekly, and Mom and puppies would have started a de-worming regimen at 2 weeks of age,  4 weeks of age and then  6, and 8 weeks and until they leave our home between 9-10 weeks of age. At 5 weeks of age they are placed on a vitamin and immune boosting supplement. Between 5-6 weeks of age they start outdoor playtime. At 8-8 1/2 weeks of age they ALL go to the Vets. At the Vet's they will get the full look over by the vet, including fecal test, and receive their First set of shots and all will be microchipped. I use AKC Reunite Indi mini Microchip.  All puppies will go home with a FL Heath Certificate before they leave. This is a REQUIREMENT by Law in Florida if one is selling a dog, or cat, puppies are not to be sold by law under the age of 8 weeks of age.  Again, all puppies leave on a Limited AKC Registration, which means on a Spay/Neuter contract. Two years of age is what is stated in the contract as the appropriate Spay/Neuter age. I am happy to share my contract with families. Puppies do not leave until after they are at 9 weeks of age. If I feel the litter, or specific puppy, or puppies need to stay in house for extra socializing/training, I will keep them for a few more weeks.

***Please read all the subpages on our INFO tab, there you will find information on:

-Q&A about Whippets

-Choosing the right Breeder

-Spay Neuter Requirements

-Whippet Health Concerns

-Genetic Predispositions

-Anesthesia of a Sighthound

I do prefer my whippets to stay State side, but 

*We can possibly offer an escorted on board ONLY plane ride service to other states from a professional escort friend of ours that travels with our puppies on board the planes and personally delivers them at the airport. She is heaven sent and also owns the breed. Her fee is a separate fee you discuss with her.




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